About KidFit


Mission & Vision 

KidFit Academy works with teachers and schools to promote healthy lifestyles, enhance academic achievement, and improve school culture through purposeful fitness education. 

KidFit is leading the fitness education revolution.  We seek to transform the way schools and communities approach education by expanding the traditional focus on academics to include physical well-being and character development, allowing schools to develop the whole child and serve as a catalyst to promote healthier, more active communities.  Through this holistic education, schools, communities, and families can work together to ensure that all children have the opportunity to live healthy, purposeful lives.


Childhood obesity is a rising concern in the United States.  In fact, the rate has more than tripled in the last thirty years among children ages three to eighteen, with the rate disproportionately high among minority children and children living in poverty.  Concurrently, teachers and school leaders are struggling to prepare students academically for an ever-evolving society. Hours of instructional time are wasted each year due to school culture factors such as challenging transitions between subjects and classes. Research indicates that increased physical activity—whether through recess, physical education or activity breaks—is correlated with higher academic outcomes with holistic approaches identified as the most valuable in increasing both heath and academic indicators.  Addressing these issues, KidFit’s holistic program gives schools the opportunity to maximize learning time, transform their students’ health, and educate the entire child—mind, body, and character.

Program and Services

The KidFit Solution: KidFit has designed a research-based holistic health and wellness curriculum to meet the dynamic needs of schools and communities. KidFit increases students’ health and wellness while supporting academic achievement and improving community involvement. KidFit educates the whole child, including not only the mind, but also the body and the “soul” – a child’s character through a structured program incorporating quick 10 minute lessons emphasizing health and character development to be administered during the school day. Students are taught important life skills—such as goal setting, stamina, grit, and determination—while they increase fitness levels and better prepare their brains to absorb knowledge.By empowering students, teachers, parents, and administrators, KidFit has the opportunity to transform the health and wellness of schools and entire communities.

Our Model: With a holistic, collaborative model, KidFit transforms health and fitness education in order to serve as a catalyst for broad, social impact. KidFit provides a variety of services to schools, communities and families. Our program offerings vary by stakeholder but all include access to adaptable, engaging lessons incorporating fun exercises and character development in an academically rigorous format. Health and fitness education integrates with core academic subjects, empowering students, parents, and communities to incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives.  This approach allows KidFit to not only get kids moving but also help teachers better manage time in the classroom and prepare students to learn. After purposeful, rigorous movement, students are physically and mentally better prepared to learn, saving precious time and creating a classroom community more conducive to learning.

Want to Learn More?  Contact us through our website at http://www.kidfitacademy.com


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