Fitness Friday: Set Summer Health+Wellness Goals!

“With KidFit I learned that there’s more to fitness than just exercise. I’ve also learned that I can achieve my goals if I try hard enough.”

-Damian, KidFit Athlete


Founder Maggie and her husband Dave running the Seattle Marathon

Founder Maggie and her husband Dave running the Seattle Marathon

One of the most powerful motivators to get and stay healthy is to set goals!  By stating something specific you want to achieve, you are much more likely to achieve it.  Who knows? You might even surprise yourself and surpass your goals.

Whenever I start training for a race, I always set goals for myself around time, feeling, training, and nutrition. By taking a more holistic approach, I am able to truly improve my whole self and feel much healthier overall!  Below, find some resources and tips as YOU set some summer wellness goals.

Happy goal-setting! 🙂


  • It is important to set your goals high enough so that they are not easy to attain but realistic enough that they are possible.
  • Set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound) goals.  Video explaining this here.
  • Set goals around different aspects of your life: fitness (sign up for a race); nutrition (eat more veggies and less sugar); general lifestyle (take a walk mid afternoon 4 days/week)
  • Recruit a friend or family member to take the challenge as well
  • Challenge yourself and have fun!

Here are some resources to help you set goals and stay on target:


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