Community Post–Meet Diana, amazing founding board member!

“I love the idea of creating students who are athletes “by choice” – to empower students in a way that makes them excited to be more active is really inspiring!”        –Diana K.


Happy Wednesday!  For this week’s community post, we have the pleasure to hear from one of KidFit’s fabulous founding Board Members!  We cannot wait for you to get know the extraordinary Diana!

Enjoy! 🙂


Notes from the Field: An Interview with a KidFit Academy Board Member


photo (27)

Diana K.

Coordinator of College Readiness, Oakland Unified School District; KidFit Academy founding Board Member


KidFit: Tell us about yourself!

Diana K. – As an educational advocate and school counselor, I hold a deep commitment to the whole child as well as equitable opportunities for kids, no matter their circumstance. I hold a BA in Psychology from the University of Southern California, an MS in Counseling from Loma Linda University, and a CA state Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) credential. Currently, I work as a Coordinator of College Readiness in Oakland Unified School District and have served on the board of two other non-profits in the Greater Bay Area. I am an avid runner, having completed three marathons along with dozens of half-marathons and know first-hand the power of exercise & health on well-being and overall happiness.

KF: Briefly, tell us your background in education and/or health & wellness.

DK: I have worked for Oakland Unified School District for four years, and prior to that at an educational advocacy organization which sought to promote equity for all students. Health & wellness has been a personal “hobby” of mind for the past several years since I began running and cross-training.

KF: What motivated you to join KidFit Academy’s board?

DK: I love the vision that [founder] Maggie has for the organization and possibilities for positive change KidFit can bring to a school and its community. I also am always happy to volunteer to help a great cause!

KF: What are you most excited about for KidFit’s future?

DK: I am really excited to see how widely it grows across the Bay Area, and hopefully beyond!

KF: What speaks to you most about KidFit’s mission and vision?

DK: I love the idea of creating students who are athletes “by choice” – to empower students in a way that makes them excited to be more active is really inspiring!

KF: What would you say to other people looking to get involved with KidFit Academy?

DK: Talk with Maggie (of course!), but also look into possibly observing a classroom lesson. Seeing the impact of even a short lesson where students are practicing focus and wellness is a powerful demonstration of the power of the program!

KF: What do you hope to accomplish as a founding Board Member of KidFit Academy?

DK: I’d like to use my experience from other non-profit Boards to help KidFit establish itself as a thriving organization. I also hope to see KidFit grow and impact more and more students all the time. 🙂


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