Stamina: Sticking with it!

-Running a marathon.

-Taking standardized tests.

-Preparing a long term teaching plan.

-Writing a term paper.


-Racing a triathlon.

-Completing complicated taxes.

What do all of these things have in common? The need for stamina!

In order to sustain a given task, especially when challenging, stamina is crucial; its need can be found in all kinds of daily activities.  Whenever a task is challenging, time-consuming, and/or requires sustained focus and effort, stamina comes into play.  As a result, it is a much needed skill for everyone to nurture. In fact, if we all increased our capacity for stamina, we would arguably be much happier as we reach for and surpass our goals.

Consider a topic on many student and teacher minds as the spring approaches: standardized tests.  Despite anyone’s views on the validity/merit of these tests, the fact remains that they are here, don’t seem to be going anywhere soon, and carry importance.  Therefore, students must be prepared. We know that the tests require a lot of attention, focus, and (you guessed it) STAMINA!  Therefore, it is crucial to build stamina in students to not only tackle exams but also feel more confident completing all difficult tasks that require sustained effort and take them out of their comfort zone.  Teaching these skills across multiple disciplines (academic, physical, emotional) will give students more practice and allow the skills to truly sink in, becoming a part of their being.

Stamina is not glamorous. But it gets you across the finish line (whatever that may be) and that is what matters. 


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