KidFit’s Healthy September Challenge! Join the Movement!

Are you motivated to get healthy and be an example of purposeful daily fitness for the next generation? 

Join the KidFit Healthy September Challenge!  In honor of National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, we are sharing examples of our highly engaging fitness education program that is guaranteed to get you moving and on track to living a healthier, more active life!  Help us combat childhood obesity and be a catalyst for healthier, more active communities!

So…how does it work?? We are glad you asked!

Joining the Challenge is simple! Every Sunday, KidFit will post a weekly workout plan.  You can follow along or create your own plan.  The most important thing is to set goals, track goals, and GET ACTIVE! We are setting a daily goal of at least 30 minutes of purposeful fitness activity every day.

Every day, KidFit will re-post the workout to remind you and help motivate you to get moving and track your progress! We have some suggested metrics to record to help motivate you along the way.  Setting and tracking progress towards your goals will help motivate you to push yourself harder than you could have imagined.

Let’s get started!

  1. Set a goal for September.
  2. Get moving!
  3. Record your progress each day. (See below)
  4. Read KidFit’s blog for daily workouts.
  5. Spread the word and inspire others to join us!

Progress Report: In order to track your progress, record the following metrics daily!

  • Activity: ________
  • Minutes Active: _______
  • Intensity Level of Activity:_______ {0=no activity; 1=mild activity (stroll, slow walking, etc.);  2=moderate activity (quick walking, hike, bike ride, jog, etc. that challenges you but does not greatly elevate HR); 3=Vigorous Activity (running, challenging hike, speed work, heavy weight lifting, etc. that pushes your limits and elevates HR significantly)}
  • (optional) After exercising, I felt __________.


Today I ran intervals for 30 minutes at an intensity level of 3.  After exercising, I felt tired but motivated to keep working towards my goal!

We will post this week’s plan next!  We are excited to get started.


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